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Walking on water...

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Just like Peter, who saw the Lord walking on the water, and yearned to join the Lord, we are all invited to come out on the water and join the Lord.

When the winds and the waves crash upon us, and the storm and its lightning rage, the rain soaks us to the bone, and when we feel the terror of defying gravity, we all have a choice. We can focus on what we don’t have or we can focus on Eternity.  We can focus on how the boat is not a leisurely cruise, or we can look out on the water and see the Lord calling to us, the Prince of Peace unchanged by the storm, riding the waves. Life is full of storms, each of us are meant to walk on the water; hand in hand with the Lord.  

We many not be able to control the storm tossed sea, but we CAN ALWAYS control where we look.  And, if we look unto Him in every thought, doubt not and fear not, we will walk on water. 

We can always look unto Him.  

Just like when Elijah knew to "fear not" because "they that be with use are more than they that be with them."

Just like when Shadrack Mishack and Abendego were in the fires of Babylon, and "there was a fourth like unto the Son of Man" with them in the flames of the fiery furnace. 

Just like the three virgins who would not relinquish their virtue and perished by fire, but unto the Lord. 

Just like Moses who - fleeing the consuming rage of the Egyptians - parted the Red Sea and walked through on dry ground with the Children of Israel with the Lord as their shadow and pillar.

Just like when Nephi rejoiced in the Lord, even though his brothers had tied him to the boat, and they were drowning at sea (1 Nephi 18:16).

These examples are real. They are not just stories. Similar miracles can (and do) happen today.

Christ offers to be with us in the journey. Our shadow by day and our pillar by night. Living with him, looking unto Him in every thought, doubting not, fearing, not, is believing that he will pay us back four fold. I know He will. I trust to walk on the water with Him.



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